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Abu Garcia Serial Number Lookup


Abu Garcia levels 7000 reel serial number
Abu Garcia levels 7000 reel serial number in Sweden
Mar 3, 2017
Last few letters of 07785 number: 10761. The number belonged to the reel my abu garcia is from. The numbers are something like this: 05 05 36 03 11 09 34 10 01 10 36 00 .
My old early 90s belton mid 80s black alta 30 with in wiper style came with a small silver bell you dont hear on the reel. As in the design is a belton style 70s. Anybody know what belton model this reel is?
Oct 21, 2011
I have an old Ambassadeur 5000. The numbers are unique. See first two numbers as very simple check to see reel date.
Orally Staring into the Eyes, Belton model, Yes! It is
Oct 27, 2011
The first few letters of the second number are: 05; the last few letters of the second number are: 00; the first few letters of the last number are: 04; the last few letters of the last number are: 00 .
Oct 27, 2011
Fast boat she has an “A” in her name; there are no oars on the boat; the plastic awning that goes around the deck is of a bright green color; the plastic window is three times as tall as the boat.
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Getting the serial number off a bass reel
Abu garcia Black/Gold Ambassadeur 5000

Oct 28, 2011
He has a big silver bell hanging from his reel, the reel doesn’t have any blank lines. The reel isn’t modified in any way.

Oct 29, 2011
He told me the owner name was ABU. The first two letters of the name are “A” and the last two letters are “B”. The full name is “A B U”.

Oct 30, 2011
He has an email address, so I sent him an email. I told him I wanted to talk to him about his reel.

Oct 31, 2011
I emailed him back and asked if I could email him again. Also told him that I had found a site that had a listing of every reel ever made and that I wanted to see if the reel was on the list.

Nov 1, 2011
I called his number and spoke to him. He


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How to read ABU-GARCIA Serial Numbers
abu garcia serial number 2a1358a15e

Soooooo, I just posted the question “Has anyone come across the data for the foot number of an ABU Garcia?” in Fishsite a little while ago. I’ve received some replies but can’t really do the binder shuffle thing since I’m not really a toting binder type of gal, lol. I’m looking for the foot number so that I can identify the model for a little bit of research.


From your description I think you need either an ABU-2a1358a15e, ABU-2a1358a15e-K or ABU-2a1358a15e K which are the only models I know of with the foot number on them.


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