Basic Gear Design is a simple Matlab addon that allows you to draw basic 3D spur gears feature. This tool is under development and collaboration is greatly appreciated. Several estention and improvements are possible. This can even be a basic brick for other graphical projects.
GearDesign returns the basic triangulated model of a 3D spur Gear. It requires in input a few standard parameter to insert in a structure.









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The 3D gear mesh is built and triangulated by default. Each flat plate is triangulated by default.
The basic model is composed by a flat plate, the wheel axis and the pinion axis. The wheel axis and the pinion axis are allowed to be moved and rotated by the user. The parameters can be modified with parameters.
The rotation speed is allowed to change the rotation of the gear. When the rotation speed is zero, the gear does not rotate.
The function Basic Gear Design allows to modify the parameters of a spur gear. The parameters and their default values are shown in the table below.

| Parameter | Description |
| :———–: | :—————————: |
| | |
| Ns | Number of teeth of the gear pinion |
| R1r | Pitch radius (A) |
| R2r | Pitch radius (B) |
| R | Pitch radius (C) |
| Rp | Pitch radius (D) |
| R | |
| Rw |

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keyword: basic gear | planetary gear | camshaft gear | spur gear | angle gear
[GearRotationRatio]=[rotation ratio]
[GearDepthOfCut]=[Depth of cut]
[StartAngle]=[Start angle]
[ZerothMomentOfInertia]=[Zeroth moment of inertia]
[ThirdsMomentOfInertia]=[Thirds moment of inertia]
[TangentialForce]=[Tangential force]
[AxialForce]=[Axial force]
[TangentialStress]=[Tangential stress]
[AxialStress]=[Axial stress]
[ToothLoading]=[Tooth loading]
[Prismatic] [Saddle] [Pleated]
[Rods] [Intermediate] [Uniform]
[Gears] [Channels] [Pockets] [Intermediate] [Knuckle] [Saddle]
[Material] [Material] [Material] [Material]
[Input] [Edit] [Exit]

[keyword]=basic gear

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[keyword]=basic gear

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Basic Gear Design (BGD) is a simple Matlab tool to design spur gears, as described by Donald (2014) \cite[1]{Donald2014}.
This tool can calculate basic spur gears with any number of lobes and number of gear teeth. The teeth are modeled using a ruled surface. The geometry of the gears can be varied through a geometrical control parameter called pitch. The pitch angle is the angle between a tooth and the direction of motion.
The geometry of the gears can also be varied through a user-defined control parameter called wrap. The wrap parameter defines the relation between the pitch and the radius of the gear. The topology of the gears can be specified by a mesh. The mesh is based on a triangulated structure that can be loaded from a file. The mesh is used to calculate the specific tooth surface of the gears.
There are two main functions for creating and editing 3D gear models, called “Construct Gear” and “Modify Gear”. The first function creates the gear structure while the second one edit the geometry and internal nodes of the structure.
More documentation can be found by using the help button. The structure of the function is as follow:
% BasicGearDesign function creates a Gear structure.
% Output:
% gd =
% = gdm;
% gd.Position = [x0, y0, z0];
% gd.Size = [d, h, w];
% gd.TexturedMesh = [meshTextured, Texture]
% Parameters:
% gdm =
% gdm.Name = Input Gear name
% gdm.Position = Input Position [x,y,z]
% gdm.Size = Input size for the gear
% gdm.TexturedMesh = Input Mesh textured or not
% gdm.Texture = Input texture path
% gdm.Color = Input color
% gdm.Wireframe = Input boolean
% g

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System Requirements For Basic Gear Design:

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Minimum Recommended DirectX 11-compatible graphics card
Hard Drive:
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