Securing your priceless data becomes a mandatory task nowadays and protecting them from system crashes or virus attacks is a main reason why you need to backup important documents.
External drives do their work too by allowing you to store your files, but when they get infected with a Trojan or malware, you need to format the drive, ergo loosing all your data.
Whether is about valuable information gathered in months due to complex analysis and searches or just your personal images, data loss carries a huge cost in time.
Performing regular backups on your data should be a habit nowadays. Storing your documents to cloud storages or simply backup them to other partitions you can rest assured that if you even run into a virus attack or system crash, your files are secured.
Comodo BackUp is a straightforward and reliable software solution that boasts advanced features while keeping its interface intuitive and task oriented so even novice users can perform their first backup job.
Because it comes with an embedded utility, namely CCloud, you have the possibility to drag and drop any file or folder you want to easily backup it.
What’s more, the utility provides you with various compression and encryption algorithms so you can keep your data secured. Another feature that makes Comodo BackUp easy-to-use is the integration with Windows Explorer. Simply navigate to the file you want to and send it to your cloud storage.
Its main interface enables you to view the last backup job you performed and if the online storage is still active. You can easily browse for your files and restore the ones you are interested in.
Thus, by using Comodo BackUp you can get quick access to your files through web and mobile by using your account and secure download and upload processes.
All things considered, Comodo BackUp enables you to quickly backup your files in a secure cloud storage providing you with multiple ways to access your documents.


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* An advanced backup application that automates your backup and restores backup jobs with a powerful wizard
* Back up to the cloud, local hard drive, or FTP servers
* Store unlimited backups in different locations
* Create snapshots of your backup files
* Get backup jobs completed in the background
* Back up files and directories
* Provide you with lots of compression and encryption options
* View backup progress in the notification area
* Preview the backup job you are about to send
* Restores your files quickly and easily
* Compresses images and store them to the cloud
* Encrypts all your backed up files
* View or send your file by downloading from the cloud
* Back up to the cloud easily
* Supports 32-bit and 64-bit platformsQ:

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Comodo BackUp is a free backup tool that helps you to secure your valuable documents by backing them up in the cloud.
• A free backup software (Windows versions only) that can secure and store your files and folders on the cloud.
• Supports local and remote storage and provides various options for backup methods.
• The ability to browse a list of files and folders selected, restored or deleted in the past.
• Most of Comodo BackUp’s features allow you to take advantage of the Comodo Cloud Desktop.
• The built-in Comodo Cloud Desktop allows you to access your backed up files and folders securely from your desktop.
• The backup tool is able to work with any cloud storage service through a built-in or integrated application.
• Allows you to backup files and folders to local and remote folders.
• Allows you to browse the list of the backed up files and folders.
• Allows you to restore any backed up file.
• Secure online storage (cloud storage).
• Optional file encryption.
• Built-in notifications.
• Network backup with backup to local and remote folders.
• Built-in Comodo Cloud Desktop.
• Supports the ability to share files and folders through email.
• The ability to locate files by file name, date, or size.
• Easy to use.
If you want to protect your data from loss, you should use a reliable data protection tool.
Using the right software, you can access your files securely no matter where you are or on which computer you use.

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Comodo BackUp Crack is the best and most efficient backup and security solution software for Windows operating system. You can easily and quickly backup your files and folders to any cloud storage. It supports some basic features in one application including file/folder protection, secure file/folder deletion, text file compression, online backup, email backup, image compression. You can encrypt files and folders using 128 bit AES encryption. Backup files quickly and easily with this straightforward, easy-to-use software. Just press a button and Comodo BackUp will do the rest for you.Download Comodo BackUp Crack 2020 is easy to use so you can quickly and easily backup your files and folders. You can access your files and folders from any device with a secure and free online backup. Back up files and folders from any device quickly and easily right from within Comodo BackUp.Comodo BackUp Crack Download With Keygen 2020 is a reliable backup software that enables you to backup your data to the cloud in just one click. You don’t have to worry about losing your data as Comodo BackUp will protect your data from disk corruption or virus attack.
You can easily remove the data from the cloud backup and perform a full system restore. You can recover files, emails, email attachments, text documents, audio and video files from any device. With Comodo BackUp you can quickly and easily backup your data to a free online cloud storage.Comodo BackUp Crack Download Full Version software gives a comprehensive security solution that will protect your files from virus attack, access restrictions, unauthorized access or even from a disk failure. You can perform a one-time backup or a full computer backup or restore on a regular basis. You can protect your files and folders by adding custom name and access restrictions to each file or folder. You can select to backup your files or your entire computer to a free online storage.Download Comodo BackUp Crack 2020 is a valuable productivity tool. It makes backups simple and quick. You can upload your files online, access them from any device and recover your data easily.Download Comodo BackUp Crack With

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