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Oklahoma State men’s hoops already had one win in the NCAA tournament when they kicked things off on Thursday, a deep run that already included a win over Arizona in the round of 64.

And Thursday night they rode their highly touted freshmen to what is now their first national title by beating Kentucky for the 77-75 overtime win.

Harrison Barnes became the first freshman to win a national title in school history, and first at Oklahoma State since 1987 when Larry Bird did it.

The Cowboys trailed by one with 31.6 seconds left before Barnes hit the court to tie it at 77.

Oklahoma State made the most of one final chance, hitting a 2-pointer and A.J. Walton fouled out, sending the game to overtime.

Lorenzo Brown hit an open 3-pointer to give the Cowboys the lead, and Dajuan Blair hit a pair of free throws to clinch the win.

The lead came from something the

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Two tornadoes were confirmed Tuesday afternoon