Portable RadiAnt DICOM Viewer is an application specialized in loading medical imaging data, while providing professionals with the proper tools they need in order to perform measurements, manipulate graphics and compare representations. It ensures compatibility with various DICOM types, including computed tomography and radiography files.
Automatically loads DICOM images
Intended mainly for students and experts in various medicine fields, this application makes it easy for you to open a patient's CD and view the containing images within seconds. Not only that it is portable, but unlike the installer edition, it works as an autorun application.
This means that it can automatically detect the presence of a DICOM study within the same root folder and load it for viewing and analysis, without requiring installation or any additional components.
Various analysis and manipulation options
Its interface is mostly occupied by the space allocated to viewing the loaded DICOM file, accompanied by the stylish toolbar that comprises all the available tools and options.
Zooming and panning functions, negative viewing, image flipping and rotating are just some of the tools you have at your disposal in order to easily manipulate a loaded DICOM project. The application can display data about each patient and specific measurements the image contains.
The application allows Coronal, Axial and Sagittal multiplanar reconstructions of the image. Also, there are various tools for measuring length, angles, areas and distances or generating time-intensity curves. The pencil tool can help you freely draw onto the image to highlight important areas.
A useful tool for medical professionals and aspiring students
Portable RadiAnt DICOM Viewer can be distributed on a storage media along with a DICOM project, as an autorun package that enables you to view and thoroughly analyze medical images. Its ability to export the loaded image series to JPEG, BMP, WMV or DICOM format only adds to its value, making it a real asset for medical professionals.

Download >>> https://tlniurl.com/2m6l5a

Download >>> https://tlniurl.com/2m6l5a

Portable RadiAnt DICOM Viewer 4.06.2 Crack Free License Key 2022

In the first instance, the application will be detected as a portable application but, upon further exploration of the main window, the functionality will be revealed.
The first window shows a list of loaded projects which are separated into folders. This functionality is very important to users because it ensures that, for example, students do not accidentally load a patient’s CD into an application of which they have no intention of studying anatomy.
The second window is where the user can explore the image content in terms of measurement, location and view parameters. All of this happens by exploring the image itself using the tools provided.
The third window is occupied by the toolbar which contains all the features that are necessary for the adequate viewing of the loaded DICOM project.
Portable RadiAnt DICOM Viewer Serial Key Is Now Available for Free Download:
And the portable version of Portable RadiAnt DICOM Viewer is finally available for you to enjoy. Once you have the file downloaded and unzipped, open the folder containing Portable RadiAnt DICOM Viewer and double click on the file Portable RadiAnt DICOM Viewer.exe to run it, and you will be welcomed by the Portable RadiAnt DICOM Viewer interface. After selecting the folder containing the DICOM files to be viewed, the loading window will open and the images will appear.
(Portable) Completely free.
(Autorun) No additional program required.
(Resizable) Can be easily resized and edited.
(Movable) Set the application position wherever you want and move it away to another folder.
(Organizable) Allows for image-based organization.
(Removable) Can be removed and placed in any folder.
(Closing) Removes the application from the system tray.
(Transparent) Can be set to operate in full-screen mode.
(Scalable) Can be increased or decreased in size without loss of quality.
(Supports Encrypted) Can be used with decryption technology.
Installation Guide:
Please see below for the complete installation guide.
1. Install/Uninstall:
Run the Portable RadiAnt DICOM Viewer.exe file from the extracted Portable RadiAnt DICOM Viewer folder. When the installation wizard appears, simply select the default option which will take you to the registration page where you have to register your application. After registration, the installer will install the application

Portable RadiAnt DICOM Viewer 4.06.2

This application displays a DICOM file within a JAVA windows. It has the ability to read any
file that is in DICOM format, and load it into the program. There are a number of tools
included, for measurements, angles, area, and time intensity curves. The graph window
can allow a free drawing of any area on the screen, which can be displayed or saved to
jpg, bmp, wmv or DICOM format.
Please Note:
This is NOT a “dicom viewer application”. This is a “dicom viewer program”…
Include :
NET Framework 4.0, 3.5, 3.0, 2.0, 1.1
J2SE 1.5, 1.4
J2ME MIDP 2.0, 1.0
J2SE MIDP 2.0, 1.0
Sun JVM 6.0, 5.0, 4.0
Sun JVM 5.0, 4.0, 3.0, 2.0
* A new release will be made for JRE 1.8.
* Version will be fixed for JRE 6.0 and JVM 6.0.
* Resending DICOM files will automatically load them into the application.
**********How to Run this DICOM Viewer Program***********
(1) Run the application.
(2) In the ‘Load a DICOM file’ menu, you can use the file selector box to load the DICOM file.
(3) You can drag and drop the DICOM file into the JAVA window.
(4) In the ‘View DICOM file’ menu, you can view the DICOM file.
(5) In the ‘Measurements’ menu, you can measure the DICOM file.
(6) In the ‘Graph’ menu, you can view the DICOM file.
(7) In the ‘Export’ menu, you can export the DICOM file to JPG, BMP, WMV, or DICOM format.

Portable RadiAnt DICOM Viewer 4.06.2 For PC (Updated 2022)

View, process, measure and compare patient images.
View, process, measure and compare patient images.
The application contains a package of pictures to help you complete your projects.
After loading a DICOM project, the application provides an easy interface for the user to begin working on the DICOM data. With the DICOM Standard installed, the application recognizes the file format of each DICOM image, ensuring compatibility with various types. When a DICOM image is loaded, the application displays the file location and various image properties, as well as a preview of the selected DICOM image.
View, process, measure and compare patient images.
On the DICOM image overview, the user can view, process, measure and compare a patient’s images. Measurements are performed in mm, cm and mmHg.
The user can perform a variety of measurements, including length, angle, area, diameter and distance.
The user can easily compare measurements from various time points using the Time-Intensity Curve feature.
The user can easily compare measurements from various time points using the Time-Intensity Curve feature.
On the DICOM image preview, the user can open the DICOM file, select different image types and create a multiplanar reconstruction.
The user can select different image types and create a multiplanar reconstruction.
Import images from various sources.
This application is intended for portable use. This means that it can be installed and operated from a USB flash drive or a CD/DVD.
The application can be installed and operated from a USB flash drive or a CD/DVD.
The DICOM Standard is pre-installed on the application’s files.
The application can be used even without installing it to a CD/DVD.
The application can be distributed as an autorun package.
The application can be distributed as an autorun package.

Thanks a lot. I’m using windows 7 64bit (in German lang). When I click on the checkmark at the lowest window (Programm "Neue Einstellungen") the next window that opens is a “setings-wizard” (keine deutsche Beschreibung). When I click ok the next window is always the same one.

To install program I go to c:\users\me\appdata\local\med-image-viewer. No msiexec &amp

What’s New In Portable RadiAnt DICOM Viewer?

* Support various DICOM types
* Open various CT and Radiography files
* Easy-to-use interface
* A low-memory footprint
* Fully compatible with Windows 7 and newer
* Save your time
* Download
DICOM implementation DICOM files can be easily loaded and viewed by the application, regardless of their format.
Support for all DICOM types Support for DICOM type 1, 2 and 3 files for CT, Radiography, Nucletron/PET and PET/CT.
View 2D, 3D, multiplanar and time-intensity curves Information about the DICOM file is included on the title bar, including file size, DICOM type and the number of stored frames.
Crop and zoom to fit the image Take full control of the loaded image to crop, view, zoom and pan.
Import and export of images to other formats Save your time and optimize your workflow. Export the images as JPEG, BMP, WMV, DICOM, or DICOM-archive files.
Compare DICOM files Compare representations side by side using a sidebar. This is done by viewing the image in a special mode that allows you to compare between different DICOM files.
Adjust image display Handle the content of the image by adjusting brightness, contrast, and size of the display.
Measurement and graphical manipulations Measure the length, area, and volume of an image and save them into the file. Also, adjust the perspective and location of the image.
Graphical representation Options for manipulating images to an optimal mode for your workflow.
Pencil graphically improve your image manipulations Use the pencil tool to manually edit the image. The area marked with the pencil is remembered so you can go back to where you started.
Easy maintenance View the entire image hierarchy. The locations of all the DICOM files can be easily viewed.
Export your project to a file Portable RadiAnt DICOM Viewer is part of a specialized series of applications designed for students and professionals to distribute. Its ability to save the loaded files to a portable and simple to manage archive makes it perfect for easy distribution.

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System Requirements For Portable RadiAnt DICOM Viewer:

Please ensure you have a minimum screen resolution of 1024×768 and you’re running the latest version of Internet Explorer 11 or a later browser.
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