Rachel Maddow put the items collectively and related Trump White Home chief of workers Mark Meadows to solid 2020 election paperwork.


Maddow mentioned:

We imagine, now that we’ve seen the paperwork from 5 of the states and so they all match nearly precisely, we surmise based mostly on that, that this will need to have been some sort of a coordinated effort. That anyone gave all these Republicans in all these states a template for the way to do it. In so doing, by the way, all these in all these states that signed their names could have opened themselves individually to probably forgery expenses or different expenses to falsifying election paperwork which is a state crime in each state in the union and is a federal crime as nicely. 

We all know from the January sixth investigation that Trump’s White Home chief of workers, Mark Meadows, was apparently concerned in a number of communications about such an effort, that he mentioned he had a crew on it, that we’re doing it, that he liked it. And we all know that the Justice Division is presently weighing the potential for a legal prosecution in opposition to him. Partly over his refusal to speak about precisely that.

Rachel Maddow is correct. The cast election paperwork had been alike, and so they needed to have been coordinated and got here from the identical supply. Proof that already exists means that Mark Meadows was concerned within the creation of solid election paperwork.

No marvel Meadows doesn’t wish to speak to the committee. If he was concerned within the creation of solid election paperwork, he dedicated each state and federal crimes.

Mark Meadows could also be dealing with critical time behind bars if he was concerned in forging election paperwork.