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UseNeXT Cracked Version provides Usenet access via Web user interface to Usenet newsgroups. UseNeXT Free Download has an intuitive Web user interface for browsing Usenet, searching for Usenet files, downloading Usenet files and scheduling Usenet downloads. UseNeXT integrates Usenet newsgroups, files and all Usenet-related tasks in a Web browser. It works with Java 1.1 or higher ( and HTML 4.0 or higher (
UseNeXT offers the following features:
1. Java Web User Interface: Browse Usenet newsgroups, files and all Usenet-related tasks in a Web browser.
2. Java Search Interface: Find Usenet files and Usenet newsgroups.
3. Multi-threaded, simultaneous downloads.
4. “Search” feature.
5. High-speed Java Web client based on Netscape’s Communicator Java Messaging Service (JMS) API and the Open Communication Framework (OCF).
6. Usenet (UUCP) protocol compliance and Usenet compatibility.
7. Online help.
8. Optional.RAR file support.
9. Command-line.
10. Ability to download individual files.
11. Allows limited file-scans, and complete news indexing of RTF text files.
12. Supports downloading binary (.bin) files.
13. Supports searching for binary (.bin) files.
14. File names are human readable in Web pages and Usenet posts.
15. File dates are included in Usenet newsgroup postings.
16. We use the X-Modem protocol for transferring Usenet files.
17. Text is compressed with the popular ZLIB compression format.
18. File transfer to Usenet newsgroups is connectionless and does not require a server.
19. Full support for the XU Open File Class.
20. File transfer to Usenet newsgroups is connectionless and does not require a server.
UseNeXT Requirements:
1. Apache Web Server (
2. Java 1.1 ( or higher
3. HTML 4.0 or higher
4. Java Virtual Machine (JVM) 1.1 (
5. Caching server. The caching server is important when downloading lots of

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With UseNeXT you can access Usenet quickly, keep your newsgroups up to date, read newsgroups and search for the information you need in one and the same interface. Find old and new articles, download them with the highest speed your Internet connection supports, view a newsgroup, browse its files and automatically parse files in the most popular file formats RAR, ZIP, 7z, PKZIP, ACE, TAR and GZIP.
Have you ever wondered how to share a file with your friends online? Whether it’s a PowerPoint, Word or a picture, you can accomplish that easily thanks to the file sharing feature offered by UseNeXT. Connect your FTP account, specify the file you want to share and that’s it.
UseNeXT can split downloaded archives in RAR, ZIP, GZIP, ACE, BZIP2 and TGZ file formats. Because of its ability to handle the tasks of downloading, parsing and splitting, this utility is the most complete FTP client available.
If you like to keep a personal record of your activities, UseNeXT will be your best friend. You can create a daily, weekly or monthly account and view all the information related to the user you choose to register with. The daily view shows all of your activities, the weekly view contains the information about the selected week and the monthly view contains the data for the selected month.
With UseNeXT you can also import newsgroups and use it as a reader. It is very easy to import newsgroups to UseNeXT. You just need to paste the web address of the new groups you want to add to your account.
UseNeXT is the most complete Usenet application around.
More Information about UseNeXT:

How to download, install and use UseNeXT:

How to register, upgrade and pay for UseNeXT:

How to split RAR, ZIP, ACE and TAR files:

How to split GZIP files:


Usenext is a freeware that can help you download and extract RAR, ZIP, ACE and TAR files. For other file formats, you will need to use

What’s New In?

UseNeXT is an advanced Usenet client for Mac OS X.
You can search Usenet, newsgroups, create and modify groups, set your own preferences, download files or upload them to Usenet.
Usenet is an Internet service that distributes information in large amounts.
Newsgroups are collections of messages, each one containing text. The messages are sorted by a keyword, as shown in the following image:
This feature is also represented in the interface with tags. Each message is tagged with a keyword, by default it is the same as the subject. You can also assign a tag to a newsgroup.
UseNeXT has a powerful search feature, which allows you to locate a specific newsgroup or file.
UseNeXT is very customizable, so you can configure it to meet your needs.
You can add newsgroups from the Apple's Hints database, or by typing the URL of any newsgroup.
It can download as many files at once as you want. You can select specific newsgroups or files from a list or use one of the programs predefined files.
You can specify how long to wait before downloading a file.
UseNeXT can share the files you download with a website.
Supported protocols:
Usenet protocol: imap
Usenet binary protocol: http
All protocols are supported:
By default, UseNeXT uses IMAP protocol. But you can use HTTP, FTP and other protocols.
By default, the program will always search the main data base (is called the default server). But you can choose other servers.
This program is configured through a preferences dialog. You can configure how many threads you want, the minimum amount of time to wait before downloading a file, the interval between a download and a sync and many other things.
You can add a password to your account. It will be needed only when you first use the program.
You can save your preference as a file in the application's preferences.
UseNeXT has a robust newsgroups dialog that allows you to create your own newsgroups with a graphical interface.
UseNeXT can help you create the new groups by adding all the topics you want to group and giving a name to each one.
Besides, it has a function that allows you to add a filter for each newsgroup. You can for example select a name, a file extension or another parameter to refine the search.
The newsgroups list is really detailed, even though the filtering is pretty limited. But you can easily edit each group by just double-clicking on the name.
This tab allows you to select the speed limit per country.
The speed limits are only applied for downloads. If you start downloading a file, the program will check if you're in the limit country. If so

System Requirements For UseNeXT:

PlayStation®4 system
Internet Connection (for online features)
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