AutoCAD Free Download

Revisit AutoCAD/AutoCAD LT Essentials, and learn the fundamentals of the software used for architectural, engineering, and construction design, including the basic skills necessary for creating and editing AutoCAD drawings.

AutoCAD for Graphic Designers & Designers

Learn how to create drawings and designs for print media, web, and interactive media. Discover how to work with graphics software and creative tools in Photoshop and Illustrator to translate a design into a complete 2D and 3D design package.

AutoCAD for CAD Designers

Use AutoCAD to draw 3D models, 2D diagrams, and renderings. Discover the 3D modeling capabilities and manage your 3D models. Learn about presentation graphics and publish your 2D and 3D models online.

AutoCAD for Architecture & Building Designers

Create 2D and 3D architectural models. Learn how to place and annotate 3D models of buildings and equipment. See how AutoCAD will help you:

Efficiently design multi-story and three-dimensional buildings.

Create 2D and 3D technical drawings and 3D models.

Make site plans and generate building forms.

Simulate building envelopes to visualize site and building envelopes.

Visualize and analyze building systems to more effectively design and analyze a building.

Examine and investigate building elements, such as structural systems, foundation systems, and mechanical systems.

Save time and money.

Overview of the Book

AutoCAD is the most popular CAD program on the market. It comes with a comprehensive set of features including professional-level AutoCAD drafting tools, architectural modeling tools, rendering tools, and a 2D drawing application. AutoCAD LT is the original version of AutoCAD and was initially released on 1/22/1994 as the flagship product of AutoCAD. This book is designed to teach students basic skills and is a step-by-step guide with exercises that will help you efficiently develop the skills you need to design great AutoCAD drawings.

This book also covers AutoCAD for Architectural Design, AutoCAD for Graphic Design, AutoCAD for Building Design, and AutoCAD for Construction. Each chapter covers AutoCAD basics and each includes a project where you will create a specific project-based drawing. You will learn about:

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2001-2010’Inkscape (acquired by Kx Systems in 2011), an open source vector graphics editor.

Graphical User Interface

The standard user interface of AutoCAD is based on a screen similar to that used in Microsoft Windows, with several common features of graphic user interfaces (GUIs) including the ability to place files and application menus on the toolbars, panes and dialogs.

The program’s graphical user interface is divided into several panes, each with a function. The main interface consists of three main panes: the drawing window, an outline window, and the main panel. These three panes contain a number of toolbars, each with its own functions and submenus. The panes can be resized to match the size of the screen, with a right-click or double-click option to change to a different size. The panes can also be moved around the screen by dragging them. The interface is designed to accommodate multiple windows and work areas on the screen.

A drawing window contains the file to be edited, and is typically centered in the screen. The program can be used as a standalone program, so that the screen is not filled with the drawing. Each drawing window is rectangular and can be resized by dragging its four sides to different sizes.

The outline window is where objects and linework are displayed. The drawing window is not filled with the drawing; the outline window is filled with the drawing to allow the user to identify objects and make notes. The outline window also serves as a buffer area when the user is working in the drawing window to view the drawing and modify it, but not save the file. It is also a feature of the drawing window to be able to place the outline window on top of the drawing to have both windows visible.

The panel window is where the user can view the drawing and add and modify objects and other elements of the drawing. When the panel is the only window open, it is the only display location for the drawing. When the drawing window and the outline window are both open, both can be viewed and modified, but both need to be resized to display both windows. The panel is also where the user can view the objects in the drawing with an element in the drawing window. This can include drawing lines, blocks and hatch patterns on objects.

AutoCAD ships with a number of template drawings available to be opened with the program to facilitate initial drawing creation. These are the default

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What’s New In?

Dynamic Linking:

Add dynamic links in your drawings. These are powerful tools that can be used to easily access external sources, such as web pages or other software. (video: 3:25 min.)


Share your datasets with others to include them in other projects. You can add external datasets to your drawings and share them with colleagues.


Rotate your drawings without affecting the existing annotation in the drawing. Now you can rotate objects in your drawings without changing the current annotation.

New Commands:

Get a new run of AutoCAD Drawing Tools that includes several new commands: Copy X-Ray, Color invert, Change contrast, and Choose sides.

New Tools:

Transform, New Export Model, Ortho, and Update Family are the latest additions to the Drawing Tools.

Block Sizing:

Change the size of blocks in your drawings when you import them from another program.

New Features in AutoCAD for Mac 2023

Annotate and annotate related:

Annotate related entities in your drawings so that you can easily identify blocks or drawings that belong together. You can select a related entity and open its annotation or change its name.


Add new features to the tape annotation tool that allow you to tap a point in the annotation to place the tape.

New Commands:

Use the new Subtract commands to subtract a shape from another shape. You can subtract shapes from each other by creating a boundary around them and subtracting the lines.

Visiting files:

Share drawing files across your office with Visiting Files. Workgroup-wide Visiting Files allow you to share and access drawing files and updates with others in your workgroup. It’s similar to a personal cloud.

Open with:

You can now define the default operation for new drawings. You can select from different opening options, such as zoom, fit on display, and drawing type, to help you easily begin your drawings.


Access CADguru for all the CAD updates and improvements.

Annotate and annotate related:

Annotate related entities in your drawings so that you can easily identify blocks or drawings that belong together. You can select a related entity and open its annotation or change its

System Requirements:

* Protege X8
* Windows 7 OS
* GOG Galaxy X8
* Pc-X8 manual, no load cable for pc-x8 (mac, linux,…)
* Web-version x8 with web-camera (mac, linux,…)
* WiFi-Config software
* Epson WorkForce Pro 120 printer (black, white)
* mouse with side buttons
* USB-mouse or USB-keyboard
* Microf