Looking for a job can be an extremely difficult task to accomplish, as there is an increasing number of unemployed people.
Although you can rely on newspaper ads, it is also possible to turn to specialized software, such as Career Search Manager, that can help you organize and filter results according to your needs.
Sleek user interface
This application comes with a minimalistic, smooth design that neatly organizes its main functions, thus enhancing its overall accessibility.
To further add to its simplicity, this program comes with no extra configuration menu, as its features are quite straightforward. However, if you encounter any difficulty, it is possible to rely on the integrated user guide.
Simple, yet efficient features
Career Search Manager's main window is split into three sections: the first one allows you to define certain lookup parameters, the second one displays a list of results and the third one allows you to view details about any selected job entry.
Among the search-related attributes mentioned above you can find job title, keywords, company, location, distance, posting date and job type. You can configure these parameters according to your needs so that they better fit your requirements.
Handy offline mode
It is possible to save a list of job entries on your computer as an SQLITE file if you need to access it later without an Internet connection. This program also comes with integrated print support, in case you need hard copies of the lists.
This application features a Share button that proves to be unstable, as the utility crashes if you select a job and click it. On the bright side, the application allows you to toggle a calendar view, in case you need to organize your schedule.
In conclusion, Career Search Manager can help you search for a fitting job by allowing you to customize various search preferences and providing you with numerous handy functions. However, note that the Share button is highly unstable and crashes the application.







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Career Search Manager is an application that allows you to search for jobs that are available in your specified area.
* Search by Company Name or Company Keywords
* Company Name, Company Keywords, Job Title, Job Location and Job Type.
* Find jobs in your city or city and state.
* Search for jobs, open new windows, save jobs to desktop, print jobs, sort jobs by distance.
* View search results in grid or list format.
* View a job’s detailed information including company, job title, description, location, distance, state, zip code and application.
* View job title, job description and company name of jobs within a certain distance from your current location.
* Sort jobs by distance.
* View information about a job, including the job type, job title, job description, company, location, distance, application, date posted and salary.
* Browse job openings by state and city or company.
* Browse job openings by distance, job location and job type.
* Export search results to Excel spreadsheet.
* Import/Export jobs from Excel spreadsheet.
* Export job information to Excel spreadsheet.
* Import/Export job information from Excel spreadsheet.
* Export search results to PDF document.
* Export search results to CSV file.
* Import/Export search results to CSV file.
* Export search results to HTML document.
* Export search results to TXT document.
* Import/Export search results to TXT document.
* Export search results to RTF document.
* Import/Export search results to RTF document.
* Export search results to IMG document.
* Import/Export search results to IMG document.
* Export job information to HTML document.
* Export job information to RTF document.
* Export search results to PDF document.
* Export search results to IMG document.
* Export search results to CSV document.
* Export search results to TXT document.
* Export search results to PDF document.
* Import/Export search results to PDF document.
* Export job information to CSV document.
* Export job information to HTML document.
* Import/Export job information to HTML document.
* Export search results to RTF document.
* Export search results to IMG document.
* Export search results to CSV document.
* Export search results to TXT document.
* Import/Export search results to TXT document.

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Keymacro is a free Keystroke recorder that can help you record and analyze complex keyboard shortcuts.
Easy to install and use
This software comes with a simple installer that allows you to quickly and easily install it on your computer.
Furthermore, once the software is installed, you can start working with it by simply launching its main window.
The program is optimized to run smoothly on computers with low memory capacities, as it comes with a minimalistic interface that does not occupy a lot of RAM.
Instant recording
Keymacro provides you with instant recording functionality that lets you record a selected set of mouse and keyboard keys.
High quality audio recording
When you activate this function, Keymacro records the sound output from your computer’s speaker using high quality audio.
View, analyze and edit recorded macros
You can easily find and view your recorded macros by clicking on the View button at the top of the main window.
Built-in analyzer
You can easily analyze your recorded macros by simply clicking on the Analyze button.
Possibility to share recorded macros with others
After analyzing and exporting your macros to a.WAV audio file, you can easily share them with other users.
Straightforward settings
Keymacro comes with a fairly straightforward settings window, which allows you to edit various recording and analysis settings.
Multiple project saving
This application lets you save multiple projects, in case you need to work with several macros at the same time.
Flexible event processing
Keymacro allows you to use different types of key combinations to trigger a specified event, including pressing a set of mouse keys and pressing a set of keyboard keys.
Number of mouse and keyboard keys
It is possible to record the mouse keystrokes and keyboard keystrokes simultaneously in different time intervals.
High-quality recording
This program’s audio recording quality can be further enhanced by activating the Noise Reduction feature, which lets you reduce background noise.
In conclusion, Keymacro is an ideal software solution for recording and analyzing complex keyboard shortcuts.
EaseUS Partition Assistant
EaseUS Partition Assistant is a program that lets you free up disk space, quickly and easily.
Simple, yet effective interface
This application comes with a minimalistic, yet easy-to-use interface that allows you to quickly carry

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Career Search Manager is an easy-to-use application that allows you to search for a suitable job in just a few clicks.
It allows you to search by job title, keywords, company, location, distance and posting date, as well as by job type, industry and date of job opening.
It does not allow you to search by salary and offers no customization capabilities, except for changing background color.
System Requirements:
– Supported OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7
Developer: S.P. Tools

By David Harsanyi – April 26, 2010

Well, I guess it’s official: Americans are just a bunch of morons.

Not only do we continue to make the same mistake of electing an “enabler” president, but we also continue to put people into positions of responsibility who lack the capacity to understand the responsibilities of that position.

The Department of Homeland Security doesn’t have the firepower to kill bad guys or save lives, yet here we are — millions of us, I mean — continuing to send out the message that if you’re a terrorist, come to America and we’ll pay you a visit at some point during the next 48 hours.

I’m surprised the head of Homeland Security doesn’t have a stenographer on call just so we can all hear him repeating this message back to us. Maybe he does.

When there’s an act of terror on American soil, the first reaction of most people is, “Oh, my God, this is serious.” This is a natural human instinct to react to the fear that terror sown in our hearts by individuals who call us infidels or kuffar.

Or is it?

We don’t react to terror by bombing a country, sending in the marines, installing puppet governments or going into the streets and killing innocents.

No, it’s like a surgeon who discovers the cancer in his patient’s heart. He first removes the tumor, then goes back to his patient, explains that the surgery was successful and offers a clean bill of health.

He only cuts into the diseased area if the patient dies. If the patient gets a clean bill of health, he doesn’t feel the need to excise the entire organ.

Americans aren’t doctors. We don’t understand that there’s a cost associated with killing your own citizens. We don’t understand that if you don’t stop a problem before it gets out of control,

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300 MB of free hard disk space.
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1366 x 768.
1000 x 800.
32-bit OS.
Unable to read the novel for some regions.
When the post processing system did not work properly, the installer might not start. The game can still be played as a stand-alone game.
PC Version Features:
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