Saving and printing webpages is an easy job since almost all web browsers offer these functions by default. Nonetheless, for those who want a bit more than a mere 'Print' button, there are come dedicated tools that provide some extra functionality.
Among those utilities you can come across Epson Web-To-Page which is in fact an addition especially created for Internet Explorer users. Once this is installed onto your system, it will become available as a toolbar integrated with your browser.
There are only a couple of buttons inside that toolbar, but the functionality offered by Epson Web-To-Page consists of a bit more than that. You can print the content directly, by using the dedicated command, or you can activate the 'Print Preview' in order to be able to perform some supplementary adjustments.
If you go for the latter option, you will have at your disposal zooming controls for taking a closer look at the content selected for printing. Depending on the length of the webpage, you can have several pages to print and it is possible to choose which will be enqueued by Epson Web-To-Page.
When it comes to the detailed settings for the pages that will be sent to the printer you have opportunity to tweak paper options, as well as header and footer parameters. Thus, you can pick the desired paper size, orientation and margins.
A neat feature of Epson Web-To-Page is the ability to add a set of details to the header and footer of each page. More precisely, you can have the title, URL or page number stamped on the upper or lower part of the page. Also, the date and time can be imprinted in short or long format and even a custom text can be added.
To sum things up, with Epson Web-To-Page you get a small set of useful features, even if they are quite basic. As easy as it may be to use, the application could do well with some more advanced functions.









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▼ Quickly print webpages
If you are familiar with other print tools (such as the Print option in Internet Explorer), then you are well aware of the standard Print dialog. Most web browsers have a Print button so that you can print selected elements and images, or have the whole page printed. But you may still want more. That’s why Epson Web-To-Page comes to the rescue.
This application allows you to print only a part of a webpage directly from your browser by specifying coordinates. In addition to this, it lets you decide whether you want to have a print preview or a print command directly sent to the printer.
If you are going to select the Print option from the toolbar, then the address and the type of content will be detected automatically, and the Print window will appear where you can control the settings of the printed document. Epson Web-To-Page allows you to set the number of pages to be printed, and specify the paper size, the page margins, and even the paper orientation.
If you are satisfied with the settings, and you want to be able to print the page immediately, then you can simply press the Print button from the toolbar to send the selected page to the default printer. When done, you can close the window and return to the page which was being viewed in your browser. You can also activate the “Print Preview” to be able to choose the content that should be printed. Once the preview is displayed, you can zoom in to view the printable area more closely.
Besides the aforementioned features, Epson Web-To-Page also comes with the ability to add custom information to the bottom of each printed page. These headers include title, URL and page numbers, as well as the date and time. You can even choose whether or not the information should be displayed in the short or long format, and even choose the text displayed.
If you happen to be the owner of a very large website, then this application could prove to be quite useful. It is not only capable of quickly printing a single page, but also the whole web page. It even supports paper sizes up to A3. For more options, the developer of the application has provided the ability to tweak the paper orientation, margin and title.
The following may be useful to know: Epson Web-To-Page is available for Windows 98SE, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows XP 64-bit, and Windows Vista.

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Save and print webpages from a web browser.

Print multiple pages from multiple frames of one webpage.

Print from a choice of predefined print settings, such as paper size and orientation.

Put your own header, footer and page number info into any web page.

Get the detail of each URL address, email, text, and more into any page.

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Epson Web-To-Page is definitely a tiny tool that comes in handy mainly for those who use Microsoft Internet Explorer. It can be installed by adding an activex control to the toolbar for Microsoft IE. Once installed, the program offers a couple of simple buttons which offer basic functions.
Among the options you can use, we can mention the ability to print the selected webpage, take a preview of each page for making sure that what you’ve selected is correct and even change the paper size for the pages that are being sent to the printer.
The print preview function can be activated by clicking on the ‘Print Preview’ button and that will bring up the preview window as shown in the image below. While performing the preview, you can zoom in or out to get a better view of the web page.
Another way to take a closer look at the text is to use the ‘Page up’ and ‘Page down’ keyboard shortcuts.
Of course, the application does not have a complete set of options. However, if you are willing to use the tool it will certainly be useful mainly to those of you who print a few webpages every now and then.
The application is a free tool that can be installed on a Windows platform and it is available for 32 bit and 64 bit editions of the operating system.
Epson Web-To-Page Overall Score:
At the end of the day, Epson Web-To-Page is a small application that can be used for printing webpages. More than that, it is a nice tool for those users who mainly browse the Internet using Microsoft Internet Explorer. In terms of features, the application is pretty bare bones, but it will do the job for most users.

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Windows based FTP programs are pretty common nowadays for a simple reason: they’re useful. In fact, what makes such program so appealing is the ability to use them with a mouse and through windows settings. This makes them a lot more user friendly than running a Unix/Linux based FTP program.
Still, we are aware that Windows based FTP programs do not offer everything that Unix/Linux counterparts can provide. They are often a bit limited but there is a pretty great FTP program that can be considered to fill that void.
Cyberduck is a freeware and open source software that provides some advanced features for users who are used to using FTP programs. It is one of the most powerful Windows based FTP programs available.
Once installed, Cyberduck

What’s New In?

Print Preview From Epson Direct Link

View pages with different browsers

Mail or print pages

Estimated size of printed pages: 110*110mm

Epson Web-To-Page is a small and easy-to-use web browser utility that allows you to save and print pages from the web.
This software provides you with easy print preview features and lets you print and/or email pages directly.

Preview pages from IE and other browsers with zoomed-in convenience

Calculates printing and email size

Mails pages for printing and email

Allows you to print preview pages you just opened

Allows you to add a large header or footer to every printed page

Makes printing pages you printed last week more useful

Supports both Microsoft Windows and Linux/Unix-based systems

Download Epson Web-To-Page

How to Install Epson Web-To-Page

Save and download the file from the link provided above.

Extract the file and double-click epsxonwebtopage_setup.exe to run the file.

Once completed, click Next.

Agree to the terms and select the folder to install the utility.

Click Install.

Follow the instructions until the utility has been completely installed.

That’s all!

Now, with the above settings, you can try the above steps.

Check the Print Preview

Open the browser and navigate to a website of your choice.

Once on the page, click the epsxonwebtopage_print_preview link and the Print Preview window will be opened.

On the top right of the Print Preview page, you will find the Print button. Simply select the print option and you’re done.

Cancel the Print Preview

You will find the Print button on the top right of the Print Preview window. You can click on this button to cancel the Print Preview.

Print Pages Using Internet Explorer

To print a web page from Internet Explorer, follow the steps below:

From the navigation bar on the top of Internet Explorer, select File.

Select Print from the drop-down menu located under the Select File button.

In the sheet that appears, locate the tab that is named PpPrintPreview.

Click on the Print Preview button.

Click on the plus icon located on the upper-

System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP/ Vista/ Windows 7/ Windows 8
Processor: Dual Core, i3 / i5, Quad Core i7
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 9.0c Compatible
Hard Drive: 50 GB available space
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Sound Card: DirectSound or SoundMAX (Winchester Sound and Creative SoundBlaster will not work)
DVD-RW Drive: DVD + RW + DVD-ROM Supported
Sized to fit your best