What would occur should you requested The New York Occasions to “redesign” the American flag? Nicely, it’s as terrible as you’ll think about. Or perhaps worse. In a visual op-ed launched Tuesday evening, the conceited leftists on the paper determined to reply the query nobody was asking: “What if [the flag] have been redesigned in the present day? We requested artists and graphic designers to strive.” In June, an editorial web page member of the Occasions referred to as the present flag “disturbing.” Now we now have some new choices and they’re horrifying. 

The unsigned editorial on Tuesday warned, “Some are practical designs, others inventive renderings; some signify America because it may very well be, others how the artist sees the nation now.” When you suppose America is horrible and that ought to be represented on the flag, graphic designer Na Kim provided a washed out choice to signify “give up.” 



The colours of our flag are meant to face for unity, valor and justice. The grey, monochrome flag represents America surrendering to its fall from energy and lack of the beliefs it as soon as stood for. The American dream is being washed away.

Preserving with this theme of understanding that patriotism is a part of the previous, there was this washed out choice: 



On this flag, the acquainted symbolism falls out of focus, giving technique to one thing ambiguous, obscure and tough to outline.

Lastly, should you wished flag that requires a legend explaining issues, the Occasions has issues lined. Yellow stands for systematic racism and the inexperienced for the destruction of the planet. 



Feeling impressed but? Maybe this all got here from New York Occasions editorial board member Mara Homosexual. Back in June, she described how seeing American flags on D-Day was “disturbing.” On MSNBC, Homosexual described our present flag and what it says to her: “The message was clear, ‘That is my nation. This isn’t your nation. I personal this.” 

The American Legion said this on the colours of our precise flag: “White signifies purity and innocence; pink, hardiness and valor; and blue signifies vigilance, perseverance, and justice.” 

Clearly, the radicals at The New York Occasions suppose this type of factor is old-fashioned.