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qtRehber is an application designed to quickly manage contacts. It allows you to keep records of your favorite friends, as well as family and business associates. This database supports email in order to facilitate communication.
The application features a number of menus through which you’ll access your contacts. You can easily manage different kinds of entries – people, organizations, and phone numbers – through the application’s interface.

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QtRehber (April-2022)

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qtRehber is a cross-platform database for contacts, designed as a plug-in for Thunderbird.
It’s designed for storing, organizing and searching contacts and their values. It makes it easy to organize people into groups and sort them chronologically or alphabetically.
It makes it possible to search by name, email, phone, or location.
All contacts can be exported as a CSV file and imported to other applications.
Supports importing Google Contacts and labels, importing Zoho Mail & Google Voice, filtering contacts by locale, etc.
Example Features:
You can create or open existing groups where you can save, tag, and sort your contacts.
Organize your contacts into different groups by name, area, organization, etc.
Sort contacts by name, area, organization, birthday, etc.
View a global list of groups or check if a group exists.
Search Groups
Search for groups by name, email address, phone number, area, etc.
View group contact information.
Search Contacts
Search for contacts by name, email address, phone number, area, etc.
View contact information.
Sorting & Filtering
Sort contacts by name, birthdate, area, organization, etc.
Filter contacts by name, email address, phone number, area, etc.
View or hide contact information by group, etc.
Save, Import & Export
Save contacts as CSV, view import exports, etc.
Import Contacts from Google Contacts and keep labels
Import Contacts from Zoho and create labels
Export Contacts as CSV
Install qtRehber in minutes.
Please contact me directly for support. You will receive an email confirmation as soon as I’ve received your message.
More detailed information at:
Learn more about qtRehber at
** Read the Full Review Here:

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What’s New In QtRehber?

qtRehber is a contact manager that will greatly improve your contact database management.
qtRehber manages all entries in one large database. The interface is very easy to navigate through, with categories to keep track of everything. That way, it’s even possible to organize all contacts according to their respective interests.
Anyone can be used to create a contact list, but there are options for using existing files from different applications, allowing quicker import of CSV files.
This tool allows you to export all contact files to your computer in CSV format. While the database is always synchronized across all of your devices, qtRehber is also capable of keeping track of any problems you may run into.
Don’t miss out on this free tool that will help manage your contact database. Check out qtRehber today!
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