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– is able to work simultaneously with different PBXs
– collects information about the calls in a given time
– The main purpose of the program – works as a server, which can read information about the calls from a number of the PBXs or from the central server.
– The main features:

– The number of PBXs, with which the program simultaneously works, is not limited.

– Collection of IP traffic of a specific device or a specific user.

– Information about the flow of the sessions of users and the IP addresses of the machines of the endpoints of the sessions.

– The ability to measure the load on the system of the PBX.

– The ability to limit and restrict the traffic on the basis of the group of users and the IP addresses.

– Detailed logging and statistics.

– The creation of scenarios, which can be reproduced in the future.

– A “main” module that allows monitoring of the network.

– The ability to download to the RAM only parts of the collected data.

Installation and Running:
– installation is simple, in the client the installation takes about 2 minutes.
– The user has to specify the address of the IP of the server, the port number of the server and the name of the group of users.
– If the PBX is not a NetFlow Collector with the basic version of the service, the program will ask for your consent to enter the NetFlow Collector.

– The settings for the program can be changed in the “Settings” window.
– During the program run in the “Settings” window to add or remove users.

– To run the program, the client must be installed on the specified device and the group of users must be assigned to this device. The users must use his identity number and password.
– When the program starts, the status of the clients is displayed in the interface.
– The program is designed to work as a background service.

– The program can be started as a console application from a shortcut in the Startup folder.
– If the program is installed on a system with administrator rights, the user can specify the parameters of the NetFlow collector.

– In the “Port Control” window, there is a group of network ports that can be used for monitoring.
– The user can also specify the IP address and the port number of the NetFlow collector on this device.

Tariscope 3.5.6 Crack +

Tariscope is a software that monitors calls made ​​by the participants in the PBX, records calls and transfers them to the database.
The code of the project is developed and maintained by professional programmers, who devote their time to development.
The implementation of such a complex project requires a great deal of labor and time, which is
used for the creation of test cases and the testing and debugging the software that is
The goal of this project is to create an efficient and feature-rich software that
is universal and also relatively simple to install and use. In order to achieve this goal, Tariscope has been carefully and thoughtfully designed.
The Tariscope system has been specially designed for the monitoring and analysis of calls made ​​with the use of various PBXs. The design of the project includes four software modules that are combined in a unique system.
This project is not a module of some other software, so it is impossible to download and install the project as a
separate package. Tariscope is a complete and independent project. Therefore, it must be downloaded
completely. It should be downloaded in a stable and official version.
After the installation is complete, users receive a message on the screen informing that they have already downloaded the required program. After this,
the installation can be continued as usual.
As a main component of the Tariscope system, the user can perform all the actions that are necessary to monitor the calls that are made ​​with the use of the PBX system. The user has the ability to register the rules that are necessary to carry out the tasks associated with this.
All tasks associated with monitoring calls are performed by special tools that are integrated into the monitoring system.
The main purpose of the system is to record and analyze the call traffic using various PBXs, and to help users
analyze and record the phone traffic of the company.
The system also has a call search and a call report facility. Users can set the rules for the call monitoring.
In accordance with the user’s actions, the system will carry out the tasks required to record the call traffic in the
The Tariscope system also allows users to set the rules of the PBX, so that they are not affected by the operating system or
the PBX. In this case, the user does not need to set the rules and you can watch the operations of the PBX only.
There are two ways to monitor the call traffic

Tariscope 3.5.6 Torrent (Activation Code)

Version 0.9.2
Version 0.9.1
Version 0.9.0
Version 0.8.4
Version 0.8.3
Version 0.8.2
Version 0.8.1
Version 0.8.0
Version 0.7.2
Version 0.7.1
Version 0.7.0

Windows 8.1 64-bit
For more information, you can download Tariscope at

How does it work?

The goal of this project was to create a professional monitoring system for VoIP servers. The system monitors the operation and efficiency of the VoIP server by collecting information about the calls made ​​from one or more PBXs.
How the project works?

NetFlow collector ( collects NetFlow 5 and NetFlow 9 packets. The NetFlow collector creates the NetFlow packets in NetFlow format.
The NetFlow collector also creates the IPFIX format packets. IPFIX is also an open source format created by Cisco Systems, Inc.
The NetFlow collector is not a PBX manager, but it is an add-on for it.
The NetFlow collector and the PBX manager are a mediation subsystem of Tariscope.
The Tariscope Observer parses NetFlow and IPFIX packets and collects the information about the calls made ​​from one or more PBXs.
The Tariscope Observer creates a collection file for each PBX.
The collection files are opened and analyzed in Tariscope.
The NetFlow collector and the Tariscope Observer are available as a single product.
Collection files created by the Tariscope Observer can be replayed in the NetFlow collector.
NetFlow and IPFIX packets are collected by the NetFlow collector in large amounts, therefore, it is recommended to use a local area network.


The NetFlow collector is a stand-alone product.
It works with the support of the operating system, for example, Windows.
It works with Cisco IP phones or Skype for Business as a PBX manager.
The NetFlow collector can work with some of the PBXs as a mediation subsystem.
The NetFlow collector also works as a Windows service.
The NetFlow collector provides processing information using the protocols: NeFlow (versions

What’s New in the?

– Gateway NSF (NetFlow) version 6.0

– It supports NetFlow v9 (version 3) and NetFlow v5 (version 2)

– Supports IPFIX and RFlow protocol

– Interfaces support is also possible

– Can be used for the collection of various protocols and messages

– No limitation in the number of interfaces.

– Works both as server and client.

– Can work as a Windows service.

– Support of all functions with the “Support Interface” and “Do not support interface” is provided.

– Support of automation of operation modes

– Symmetrical operation.

– Compatible with VSS and CVS

– User settings are saved in the registry

– Compatibility with the formats

– Supports to save the settings of the group interfaces.

– The flow information is provided in various files

– Supports to save logs.

– Supports to collect logs in the RegEx format

– Supports to make sure of the operation of the command line in the save log mode

– Tariscope comes with a viewer.


– Provides the complete IP flow information

– Provides the message content using the NeFlow protocol

– Provides NetFlow v9

– Provides information about NSF v6.0

– Provides information about RFlow

– Provides information about IPFIX


– A server or client mode is used

– No limitation in the number of IP interfaces

– No limitation in the number of IP addresses

– No limitation in the number of messages.

– No limitation in the number of flows

– No limitation in the number of filters

– No limitation in the number of interfaces

– No limitation in the number of addresses

– No limitation in the number of flows

– No limitation in the number of messages

Types of flows:


– NetFlow

– RFlow


– NeFlow (version 3 or version 5)

– IPFIX/RFlow/NeFlow


– IPFIX/NeFlow

– IPFIX/NeFlow/RFlow


System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon 64 X2 or higher (Intel Core 2 Duo, AMD Athlon X2)
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 9.0c compatible video card with Shader Model 2.0 (can be checked in DirectX Properties)
Storage: DVD Drive
Sound Card: Sound Blaster Sound Card
Additional Notes:
Windows Vista or Windows XP SP2 are not supported
Only one GPU is supported in this game (and every game