KEYMACRO is a Pidgin plugin that allows you to bind a macro to a specific key, in order to execute
a command ( KEYMACRO will
execute your Pidgin macro as you type in Pidgin chat windows.
Make sure you have the pidgin 2.3.0 Beta3 or newer (it should be in the beta repositories)
Put the downloaded plugins into ~/.purple/plugins
Run “gedit ~/.purple/plugin/keymacro/keymacro.xml” and add the lines you see
below to your “bindmacro-#-#-#” block, e.g.

Please note that you need to delete the “bindmacro-#-#-#” block first!
How it works:
First line defines the name of the macro and where it will be executed.
Second line defines a keyboard macro binding to a specific key in the Pidgin keyboard bindings.
Note: I am using a Mac keyboard here, and the bindmacro-12—
means key will send the “view_all_conversations” macro to the Mac keyboard,
when the key MACRO is pressed.
Hint: If you want the keybinding to be a bit “more” performant, you can replace
the /hc/view_all_conversations command with something like “~/.purple/plugins/keymacro/keymacro.xml/hc/view_all_conversations” – the idea is to make a second plugin that would call the macro and pass the conversation history window as an argument.
You can also “bind” multiple commands to the same key, e.g. “bindmacro-1-a-b-c” would send the “a”
macro to the first chat window’s history, the “b” to the 70238732e0

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Key Macro is a universal keyboard macro program, and enables you to set custom macro keys for applications with a different key layout.
The program offers separate support for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.
Key Macro Keystrokes:
Keystrokes are created for various applications, so that they can be accessed via the keyboard, and Key Macro can activate them in a single click.
Keystrokes can be created in two ways. First, a text entry box is used, with characters assigned a separate icon that works just like a normal keyboard key. This also means that a single character will be associated with a macro, and there will be no way to assign it to a specific application.
Second, you can choose from different options, and add a shortcut to a program that you may use frequently. For example, you can associate “e” with the Firefox browser.
Keystrokes can be added for any number of applications, and you can set them to work instantly, or save them to a text file to be accessed later.
Macro Keystrokes:
Macro Keys are used to rapidly execute macros, and this is the best way to make your own shortcuts. They can be useful, since they can be customized for different programs.
Macro keys can be made by pressing the Ctrl, Shift, or Alt keys, and choosing the command. For example, a macro key that lets you start a video can be made by pressing Ctrl+V, and choosing to start a movie.
Key Macro Features:
Key Macro has an array of features, including a straightforward user interface, as well as a separate program to work with your macros.
Key Macro’s interface is the main element of the program, and it lets you add and edit macros. You can enter the keystroke in the main box, and press the key that will be associated with it. It’s even possible to reverse keys, and go back to the original position.
Macro Keys:
Macro Keys are the most important aspect of the program, and they give you the ability to define custom macros for your applications.
In fact, they have the power to make your life easier, since they can be saved as a text file, and applied later on the fly.
Macro Keys also enable you to set them to work instantly, or save them to a text file to be used later on.
Macro Keys can be used for every application, and they can be changed at